10 Best Rated Racing Games on iOS


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There was a time when racing games were believed to only really be good on consoles, and to be fair, a vast majority of them are on consoles. But, the iOS market is bigger than you might think, and these ten racing games might just be worth your time.

#10 Mario Kart Tour

Let’s start out with one that many you might just play for the name alone. Because Mario Kart Tour was one of Nintendo’s “mobile initiative”. Meaning, the games that were brought to mobile to expand their IP’s reach beyond consoles.

It’s an easy enough version of Mario Kart to get into, even if it’s not exactly the “fan favorite” amongst most players. It doesn’t have a lot of the nuance that the other titles have, but it does have a variety of interesting courses, and that might be enough for you.

Sometimes, a simple racing game is better than a complex one.

#9 Forza Street

The Forza franchise is easily one of the most prestigious when it comes to the racing game world. As there are the main Forza games, then there is Forza Horizon which expands the games in meaningful way, and then, there’s Forza Street, the mobile version.

The whole point here is that you get the “full Forza experience” while also being able to control everything with a finger. Again, simplicity can be your biggest friend in things like this.

But just because the controls are simple doesn’t mean the rest of the game is lax. You’ll be racing at high speeds to try and get new cars, then get enough stuff to upgrade those cars to make them even better.

Race in classic modes and new ones to ensure you are always racing as you are on the go.

#8 Rebel Racing

If you’re looking for a more intense racing experience that you can play with others around the globe, then you’ll want to get Rebel Racing. This game balances the line between having realistic driving, and having the ability to just go REALLY fast.

What’s more, there’s a large lineup of rides that you can go and get here, including classic cars, supercars, and more. And that’s just the car side of things. You’ll be able to race people all over the world and see just who is the better driver, has the fastest car, and so on.

The game Is very much beloved by players, and has done very well in terms of updates to make sure that things keep getting better.

#7 Kartrider Rush+

If you’re a game that has apparently been played by over 300 million people? That’s very impressive no matter how you slice it. And this simple game known as Kartrider Rush+ has indeed wowed many with its racing, its updates, and more.

As if that’s not enough, there’s more modes in this game than the previous version, including a story mode that’ll have you trying to figure out the motivations of certain characters.

Or, you know, you could just go and raise against all the people in the world that are playing it. And due to its nature, they’re always adding new racers to be, including…Sonic The Hedgehog!

So will you join the millions?

#6 GT Racing 2

No matter where you make the game, you need to know what kind of racing title you want to be. And for GT Racing 2, that would be a “real car game”. No, that’s really what they call it. They want to infuse you in a realistic car racing world where you have over 1400 events to choose from, dozens of cars to pick from via the best brands on the market today, all sorts of tracks to race upon, and more.

They try and offer a “deeper driving sensation”, and even allow you four different kinds of cameras to choose the kind of driving experience you want to view from. Even if it’s within the car itself.

So get in and see how “real” the game is.

#5 Asphalt 9: Legends

You know you’re doing something right if you’re in the 9th installment of your gaming franchise. Asphalt 9: Legends wants you to put the pedal to the metal in all sorts of ways as you’ll have over 150 “hypercars” to choose from with more on the way as more updates arrive!

Then, there are the 185 tracks in 13 real world locations that will ensure that you have all sorts of racing adventures no matter where you go.

If that’s still not enough for you, you can go and join a racing club so that you and your friends can take on the world as a unit. There’s lot of options here, so go see what they have to offer you.

#4 Warp Drive

Warp 9, Mr. LaForge, ENGAGE!!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist. But it is somewhat true that Warp Drive is like Star Trek, because this title is one that embraces the idea of not just racing around tracks at fast speeds, but blinking in and out of areas so that you can find new routes and faster ways to get to the finish line.

That’s right, your ride in this arcade-style racer is able to teleport! And you’re encouraged to do it to see if you can not just wield it properly, but find new ways in and out of the courses.

And that’s just ONE of the abilities you’ll find your car can have. You’ll need to upgrade your ride between races in order to keep up with the other people in the game.

#3 CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is one that embraces the drag racing circuit that you’ll find all over the world, and tells you to build your own super car and take on all the others who have their own. Form your own ride, pick up friends to make a crew, then go to work.

You’ll need to not just build a car, but tune it to the absolute best it can be, and then make improvements to your car, or just build another one, so you can go even faster.

The game boasts realistic graphics and all sorts of features to keep you invested as you battle others around the world in the name of fast cars and glory.

#2 Gear.Club Stradale

In Gear.Club Stradale, it’s not just enough to go and race cars, you have to be good at racing them, as that’s how your reputation grows.

For in this game, you can play by yourself or in a group, move into a villa that’s all your own, and take part in various races and challenges set all over. Then, as you grow your reputation, you’ll get to have access to all sorts of other impressive super cars and rides that you can enjoy as you race around.

Battle the world and make sure your club is on top by the time the world events are all said and done. But as racers know, they’re never truly done.

#1 GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport is one that tries to mix both realistic handling, and the arcade style of racing that many love. The mix is one that works and has gotten many people on board with it as it’s been building and improving itself.

There are over 100 cars and 100 different circuits for you to partake in, and you can even customize the controls so that it first your preferred feel instead of just being locked to “what is recommended”. Plus, there are various types of races to do! Open-Wheel, Tuner, Touring, Endurance, Demolition, Drift, Drag and Street Races all await you! So jump in and see how fast you can make things go!


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