10 Racing Games With Best Crashes of All Time


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In the real world, crashing your car is one of the worst things that can happen to you. But in the video game world? Not so much. In fact, at times, it’s encouraged! And if you want games that will satisfy your need…your need to crash at high speeds!!!! We got you covered, Maverick.

#10 BeamNG Drive

We thought we’d start out with BeamNG Drive for a very basic reason. This game has a “soft body” system for the car that is meant to be one of, if not the, most realistic way of crashing you’ll see in video games.

No, really, they’ve made a system that will accurately detect just how your car is being hit, then determine just how much damage, and what kind of damage, you’ll take. So if you want the most spectacular of crashes, you’ll want to make sure it’s accurate to the real world. But even if you just want to enjoy racing overall, this game has open areas perfect for you, and more.

So jump in and see just how accurate this game can be.

#9 Destruction AllStars

Destruction All stars is very much a futuristic version of the demolition derby…if it was on steroids and watched by millions all over the globe.

The name of this game is quite literally destruction. Your goal is to literally wreck other players’ rides, as well as your own, and do incredible stunts in your car, all so you can get more points and power up your destruction meter to get even MORE stuff to use to destroy other things, and more.

The game is meant to be fast, unpredictable, and completely chaotic. Something that we’re sure a lot of you will be interested in. So strap in and see how much carnage you can create.

#8 Wreckfest

Our first game was one that featured a “true to life” physics engine to go and get the best crashes possible while also being accurate. Well, Wreckfest is another that boasts that title. Because they had a custom engine made by BugBear to give you “once in a lifetime crashes” that you’ll experience as you race your way through intense battles with other players.

But the real kicker here are the cars. These are old rugged classics that you’ll get to upgrade and customize in your own way so that they are the perfect ones to both drive and wreck in. This is different than you were expecting no doubt, but that’ll just make it better when you jump in and drive like the maniac you were always meant to be.

#7 Project Cars 3

The Project Cars line is one that has always tried to be the biggest and grandest car game ever. Giving you access to all sorts of rides, tracks and more. And Project Cars 3 is easily the pinnacle of that desire. Because here you can buy and own HUNDREDS of cars and drive them in over 120 tracks all over the globe.

This is a game where racing is meant to be at its best. Yes, there are crashes, but this time you’ll want to limit them as you’re trying to be the best of the best, and that’ll only happen if you earn your wins on the track.

The more you do, the more options you’ll have. So show them what you got!

#6 Rigs of Rods

Remember the “soft body” system we talked about before? Well, here’s another variation of that you just might like.

In Rigs of Rods, you’re going to be given not a game per se, but an open-world simulator. One that has you diving into the art of building your own rig, and then seeing how it handles the open world you throw at it. That’s right, it’s up to you to make a rig that absolutely works, and if not…well then you can at least enjoy the crash.

So get creative, or, bring in friends so you can work on a true “super rig” and showcase just how clever, or dumb, you think you can be. Who doesn’t love a little freedom to create mayhem?

#5 DiRT Rally 2.0

In the world of rally car, crashes in each race are basically a certainty. Why? Because they are going so fast and have such a small amount of room for error that if you make one hesitation or one mistake? You’re off the track and in the ditch.

And with DiRT Rally 2.0, you’ll find out exactly what that’s like as you’ll go through some of the most accurate rally car tracks out there so you can see if you can withstand the pressures of what’s being thrown at you.

With 8 different circuits, and plenty of ways to trick out your car, you’ll find out soon enough if you were meant to drive rally car. And if not, the crashes will be fun!

#4 Concept Destruction

Concept Destruction is another in a long line of VERY different kinds of racing games. Why? Because in this title…you’re racing cardboard cars. Yep, we’re not lying. But the twist is that they really do act like cars, each one has their own style and ability, and you’ll need to survive the onslaught of these cars to make it to the end.

There are multiple modes you can try out with these cars. Including a championship mode, or just going through the chaos to see if you can withstand a large amount of cars trying to take you out.

It may sound like a silly thing, but you might just find that you like it once you try it out, so give it a shot!

#3 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered

It would’ve been criminal (pun intended) to not have a “Need for Speed” game on this list, and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered is arguably the best one of the line depending on who you ask.

Because in this version of Need For Speed, you can be the ones trying to outrace the law, or you can BE the law and force the fastest racers to heel to your commands. Either way, the matches will be fast, intense, and the crashes will be spectacular when they happen.

And that’s all without talking about the large array of cars that you’ll be able to wield, and the abilities that they have to either evade the law, or help take down those who are breaking it.

So which side will you be on in this hot pursuit?

#2 FlatOut 4: Total Insanity

The FlatOut series is one that has always pushed the ‘crash side’ of gaming to the next level. In fact, the man who helped make the first two games was the one who made the engine for WreckFest that we talked about earlier.

But with FlatOut 4: Total Insanity, they’re literally putting you in a car and telling you to have fun no matter what way you want to do it. Drive it, wreck it, wreck it as you drive it fast, whatever you want!

If you’re looking for depth, the game does have a variety of modes to choose from so you can race, crash or do other things that might interest you.

Or race your friends and see which of you can crash the most spectacularly.

#1 Burnout: Paradise Remastered

Burnout: Paradise Remastered is arguably one of the best racing games ever made, period. And the fact that it glorifies crashing as an artform and gives you an entire city to go and crash in? That’s the icing on the cake right there.

They literally give you a whole city, Paradise City, to drive around in, through, and around. You’ll get to race on crowded streets, or in the surrounding areas so that you can experience all that this game has to offer…and it offers a lot.

Because this is the remastered version, you’re getting not just the best version of the main game, but also, the DLC that has been added on over time.

So if you’ve never played the original before, get Burnout: Paradise Remastered and see just how grand it is.


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