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How to Wire a Motorcycle

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If you are a biker, then it’s happened to you too. Your motorcycle refuses to crank hard enough to start. You push start and the dashboard lights are dim, then they flicker. When it comes to electronics, my knowledge is limited. The good is that electricity principles haven’t changed over the years. The checks that worked with the 60’s classics or the 80’s muscle bikes still work with the latest superbikes.

But that hasn’t stopped me from rewiring my bike which is a big mistake. I have ripped off the bike’s wiring and other electrical components only to realize I have no idea what to do next. A motorcycle expert will tell you that this gives you a 5% chance of having it running again. If you are successful, it will cost you more than the bike’s worth.

So, what do you do?

Don’t harm your bike

Checking the battery is the first thing to do if your bike refuses to crank up several times. If it’s an old bike then you can physically remove the bike put it on a flat surface. Then check the acid level in each cell. If the acid level is low, top it up with battery water or distilled water. Not acid. If there is furring on the terminals, pour a cup of build water to dissolve the buildup.  

What happens if you have a sealed battery? Well, it’s still prone to furring that can make the voltage to drop so the boiled water trick comes in handy. Ensure your terminals are spotless before reconnecting them.

Check the earth strap and braided wires

Each electricity volt goes back to the battery through the earth strap. The strap and the frame are prone to corrosion at the point of contact. You can easily unbolt the strap and use kitchen steel wool to clean where the lug touches the frame. Clean up both sides of the lug on the strap using the same technique. When bolting it, cover all exposed metal with grease, chain wax, or Vaseline.

In some bikes, the earth strap isn’t insulated and the braided aluminum or steel wires remain exposed. Over time, corrosion takes place and electricity doesn’t get through the wires. The same can happen to the electric ignition control unit. If this happens simply replace the earth strap.

Replace the battery

If the 2 simple steps haven’t helped, then it’s time to get yourself a new battery. Go to any OEM motorcycle parts dealer and get the exact fit for your bike.

That’s it! Hit the starter button after turning the key and bask in the sweet sound of success.  


7 Ways to Avoid Being Arrested For DWI

Seeing a police car with its lights blazing behind you can be a terrifying encounter, regardless of whether you haven’t done anything incorrectly. Include liquor in with the general mish-mash, however, and you could be taking a gander at a groundbreaking occasion. With an end goal to assist you with keeping away from the passionate and budgetary wringer a DWI capture can be, I offer you these seven hints on the most proficient method to abstain from being captured for driving while intoxicated.

DWI Attorney

If you’ve been wrongly captured for DWI, you need an accomplished houston dwi attorneys to protect your privileges and reestablish your notoriety. Contact Houston DWI Attorney Paul B. Kennedy for more data and a free meeting.

If you drink any mixed refreshments, don’t drive. Except if you are minor, it isn’t illegal to drink and afterward get in the driver’s seat. In any case, when an official scents the smell of a mixed drink on your breath, a regular traffic stop turns into a DWI stop.

Utilize your Turning Signal

During the customary course of the day, not many drivers utilize their signals to flag a path change, and significantly fewer cops stop drivers for neglecting to do as such. Late around evening time, however, switching to another lane without flagging is one of the most widely recognized explanations behind traffic stops that lead to captures for alcoholic driving.


We’re utilized to performing multiple tasks while driving during the day. We tinker with the radio, we pop CD’s into the sound system, we chat on the telephone, we converse with our travelers, and we modify the climate control system. Each time we do one of these things, we take a risk that our vehicle will float or that we will swerve a smidgen. Around evening time, according to a watch official, these minor veers become swerves imperiling different drivers, and a routine traffic stop turns into a DWI capture.

Watch those stops

We, as a whole, do it. Sooner or later, during the day you’re going to miss that stop line, see that stop sign only a second past the point of no return or coast through a convergence. Do it around evening time, in any case, and you are merely welcoming an official searching for a DWI capture to stop you.

Keep up the distance

Keep up a satisfactory separation among you and the vehicle before you. On the off chance that you watch drivers driving on the interstates during the day, you’ll discover rapidly that nobody tuned in to the driving teacher when he said to permit a two-second hole among you and the vehicle you’re following. Another driver will see that space and pull in directly before you. Mishaps happen during the day since drivers don’t leave enough space to stop in a crisis. Get into that equivalent mishap around evening time, however, and the exploring official will be seeking bust you for alcoholic driving.

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