Month: August 2020

SEO Service For Reaching Out to Your Online Customers

SEO service is an excellent way of making your website familiar among masses. A lot of businesses in the world resort to SEO service to make their website accessible and gain the highest ranking on the search engines. The main focus of these companies is to generate a large amount of web traffic. In this way, they can make their site accessible. A popular site is like a famous brand. People prefer logging on to a well-known site as it provides them with topics of interest. Also, the sites that are designed beautifully are often visited by online users. Anything … Read More

2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Review: Real-World Runner

A base, all-wheel-drive Carrera is all most sports-car drivers need.

Verdict 7.3 / 10

Enthusiasts like to paint a rosy picture of sports-car shoppers. Everyone drives the big, fire-breathing models with manual gearboxes, rear-wheel drive, and all the safety nannies set to OFF. The colors are lurid, the wings are huge, and the cabins spartan. But the real world, with its traffic, speed bumps, and only occasional opportunities for fun, has other ideas.

The 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4, with its standard all-wheel-drive system, is a sports car for the real world. It’s fast, but never overwhelming.

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McLaren to keep aero upgrades on car after practice trial

, aimed in part at improving performance in slower speed corners.

Hot track temperatures and gusty winds made it hard to gather accurate data on the new parts. However, Seidl said the overall verdict was that they made a difference. Sainz was sixth in FP2, although he was flattered by the red flag that spoiled the soft tyre runs of some rivals.

“We had a testing programme that we wanted to get through, so big thanks really also to the entire team for pushing very, very hard back home in the last weeks and month to deliver these upgrades,” he

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17 Hidden Auto Costs Your Dealer Will Never Tell You About

Getting a new car is awesome. But buying a new car is stressful, expensive and filled with traps set by skilled salespeople who — even the most honest among them — are trying to get as much of your money as you’re willing to part with. The average person only buys a car a few times in their life, while salespeople do their jobs every day. You need to watch out for these common and costly traps so you don’t get burned the next time you’re shopping for a car.

Last updated: April 1, 2020

1. Marked Up Loan

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Why car brands soon won’t matter any more

Rover car badge
Rover car badge

We, as a nation, are wedded to our car brands. Even those people who think they don’t care that much about cars, those who claim that their wheels are just an A-to-B device, at some level are invested in the brands that they choose.

I remember well, chatting to one celebrity radio presenter, who swore blind that he had no interest in cars, nor what his choice of car said about him or his personality. However, when asked what car he drove, the response was: “A VW Golf. I’ve always had Golfs…”

In 10 years’ time, though,

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Retracing the Detroit Grand Prix in a McLaren Senna

There is a teenage girl sprawled out on the concrete immediately behind the gold-edged rear diffuser of the $1.1 million McLaren Senna in which I’m sitting. She has just hit the car.

Well, it’s a “car” in the same way an F-22 Raptor is a “plane.” The fact is true, but the descriptor somehow misses the point. To me, at this moment, the Senna feels like a mobile Faberge egg—exquisite, fragile, and damn near irreplaceable. I’m frankly wishing that my signature was no longer the one on the loan agreement from McLaren Automotive.

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