5 Characteristics of a Good HGV Driver

In the UK alone, there are many HGV drivers at different stages of their career. While others have an experience exceeding 30 years, some have just landed their first job driving HGV vehicle. Well, it does not matter the level of experience one has, all good and successful HGV drivers have five things in common.

The more a driver gains experience, the more they enhance their personal qualities as well as their overall skills. This is what makes the work or the worker efficient, safe, and smooth. To gain employment, a driver must have these qualities. In other words, these as the characteristics employers look for in a driver. Today we attempt to answer, is HGV driving a good job and what are the characteristics you need to succeed in this field?

1. Responsibility

A responsible driver is a good driver. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that the driver should be responsible not only to the vehicle but also to the load. Honestly, when the HGV is being loaded with cargo, you might not know what you are really transporting. A majority of drivers think that their work is to transport cargo from point A to B only. However, this is a wrong perceptive. It is the responsibility of a driver to ensure the cargo they are moving arrives safely and damage-less.

It is wise to note that some cargos are highly valued, and fragile, like an antique, and hence proper care should be applied. The truth is that sometimes you may carry items like metal, fabric, or food; and there are times you will carry highly valuable products.

To avoid damaging the cargo as well as ensuring its safety, then you should take responsibility for the content you carry. It is wise to appoint yourself as the cargo guardian, and not only the driver. With this mind-set, you will create an atmosphere where you will ensure everything is safe, meaning that you will drive carefully. In summary, a responsible driver is a happy driver.

2. Organisation

Organisation is a skill that is paramount to all working fields, and this applied to HGV drivers. A research has shown that many drivers do not consider being organised as a major characteristic needed in their field. However, the truth is that it is a major characteristic. Actually, all good drivers are organised. This means that, before starting transporting the cargo, they know what they are carrying, the route they will take, all the paperwork they need, and so on. Concisely, a good driver should have a keen eye for organisation.

3. Manage Stress

Stress is a condition that can affect anyone in any field or industry. This simply means that HGV drivers do also experience stressful situations. For example, HGV drivers may experience stress due to traffic, dealing with other drivers, and driving through narrow and difficult routes. There are also other drivers who tend to be stressed when they spend a lot of time away from home, the pressure of meeting deadlines as well as manual labour. It is important to note that there are many potential stressful factors on the road.

A good HGV is one who identifies the symptoms, the issue causing the problem, and works on the solution. Meaning – a driver who can manage stress very well. There are truly many ways to deal with stressful situations, and it could be anything from listening to music or taking regular breaks. Everyone is different and one should know what works for them.

4. Knowledge

Everything in the world needs knowledge; meaning to be successful in anything, you need knowledge. This is a fact that does also apply to HGV drivers. Any driver should have at least basic mechanical knowledge. This helps drivers identify mechanical problems easily through performance and sound. At the same time, use basic mechanical knowledge to solve minor issues.

This means that HGV drivers should have a few basic and important tools to perform these mechanical problems. Knowing a little bit of mechanical makes everything much easier, safe, and smoother while driving. Furthermore, a driver will avoid breakdowns and time.

5. Professionalism

Just like any industry, professionalism is important and it is a characteristic needed to be a successful HGV driver. This means following all road rules, regulations, and etiquette. Apart from showing good road leadership, attitude, and behaviour, an HGV driver should also understand other drivers. This simply means that the driver should drive their vehicles in a professional manner. A good driver will take pride in his job and the way he works.