Making A Wheel Widening Machine: Widen Your Own Wheels At Home?

All right, this is interesting. Whilst I’ve witnessed folks widen their individual metal wheels on various video clips, the approach commonly entails a huge lathe or some critically sketchy things. This one appears way considerably less sketchy than all those and does not need a big high-priced lathe. Just before any of you OSHA inspectors out there start off conversing about how it is terrible to change wheels, weld on wheels, or what have you, know that we are just sharing a neat video of a machine we feel is neat and may well attempt on our personal. If you want to do the identical, that is on you.

If you have the potential to weld and to measure fairly precisely, you can make this tiny rig right below. And due to the fact it uses a 4.5 inch angle grinder it is anything that anyone contemplating of executing this ought to have in their shop anyway. And the electric powered motor that he works by using, along with the travel assembly, means that you can use this very same machine to weld the wheels again jointly, it is not just for chopping them aside.

Video Description:

The equipment is quite practical in earning the widening of steel wheels, for the push I applied an electrical motor with a gear, the motor velocity was in addition lessened so that it was doable to weld not only with the mig method but also with the tig process. With this sort of a widening of the wheels, function must be performed really cautiously, with no haste, weld with significant present-day to execute remelting. The wheel that I widened is a great deal more durable to widen than the regular wheel, but thanks to the rollers, I managed to make this wheel perfectly, the rollers aid to middle and align the wheel axis.

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