Car Delivery Service

Car shipping expeditions are a service to deliver cars to between cities and inter-island around the world. You can visit “exotic car transport” to find relevant information.

By type of service, car shipping services are divided into several ways:

1. Towing Services

The towing service is a car towing service within the city or between cities and islands using land access. Towing trucks or tow trucks have a deck to put your car on a freight load.

For pickup and delivery by using Towing can be done door to door. This towing service is suitable for the exotic cars shipping, sports cars, dies and various types of cars.

2.Car Carrier

Car shipment using truck carrying capacity of 5 (five) unit of a vehicle. In general, this service is used to transport several cars (new / used) at once. This service is very suitable for the company.

3. Driving

Driving service is a new / used car delivery service by way of being driven by courier or freight forwarder.

4. Ships

Car delivery service using a special ship carrying the car as its cargo. This service is port to port or between ports.

5. Shipping Car with Container

Car delivery service using container/container especially used for certain cargo. Delivery using containers will be safer than ships because they are closed and protected from the weather.

How to choose a car delivery service

Lots of cheap Jacksonville Towing Company services and car shipping expeditions. You have to make sure some things before choosing a car delivery service.

  1. Shipping Insurance for the car
  2. Note the door to door facility
  3. Long delivery
  4. Payment method

Car shipping tips

  1. Be sure not to put valuables, batteries or other items that may trigger damage, fire or criminal acts
  2. Make sure to keep the letter/copy of the following vehicle license with a photograph of the car from various angles for protection of insurance claims.
  3. Condition of the car is better to wash it first to reduce the level of dirtiness in the delivery of goods
  4. Monitor the delivery situation of goods every 2 days to the freight forwarder.