Car maintenance tips to save money on gas

First Choice Automotive Repair said keeping up with your maintenance and getting tune ups is the best way to get good gas mileage.

KILLEEN, Texas — As gas prices rise, we wanted to let the experts do the talking on what you can do with your car to save money at the pump.

Regular gas the Cefco Gas Station on the corner of Fort Hood Street and Elms Road is $3.89 at the time this story was published. Killeen drivers who were getting gas there on Wednesday were not we happy.

“This is outrages. This is crazy. I remember when gas was 99 cents,” said one Killeen resident.

At First Choice Automotive Repair in Killeen, auto technicians gave tips on how to save on fuel. They said keeping up with your maintenance and getting tune-ups is the best way to get good gas mileage.

“Basically it is maintenance, but your air filter also because that is how your car breaths. If it is restricted, your car can’t breathe good,” said shop foreman Steven Cox.

Another tip is proper tire inflation.

“Make sure the tire is inflated to the right pressure and not causing any harm in your vehicles in other ways,” said Eric Osiier, a service provider.

Osiier and Cox said to also make sure your air dam is intact.

“All of that is made for aerodynamics,” said Cox. “That really helps improve your fuel mileage. If you hear something loose or flapping, get that taken care of.”

Another piece of advice that was shared is to just drive less, if you can.

But these tips are not the only way you can save money at the pump. You can also sign up for these programs, detailed in the link below, to not only save money on gas, but earn money for gas.

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