Ceramic GWash – A New Addition to the Gtechniq Range


Billed as the the fastest, most straightforward and most very affordable way to lay down Ceramic Protection on your motor vehicle, Ceramic GWash shampoo is the 1st new products to be released into the extremely-clean looking Gtechniq customer range.

Ceramic GWash

The workforce at Gtechniq have invested numerous times and nights producing Ceramic GWash Shampoo and the finish consequence is relatively exclusive. Cleanse your motor vehicle to perfection and lay down up to three months ceramic protection at the exact same time.

Ceramic GWash

GWash Shampoo – a automobile shampoo with a distinction

If you’re expecting this new shampoo to be amazingly foamy, just since it is new, effectively it is time to imagine once more! The real truth is, there is frequently a bit of an illusion with lots of automotive shampoos. The truth is, much more suds and foam does not often signify it is going to be a far better performing products.

Ceramic GWash

Ceramic GWash is concentrated to a amount that delivers a lower-sud output, but continue to unbelievably able when it arrives to cleansing the filthiest of surfaces. For a entire explanation on this new products drop, verify out the total video from Gtechniq down below.

Ceramic GWash

NEW Product – Ceramic GWash Shampoo


Gtechniq Ceramic GWash Shampoo From £7.75

H9.01 Heavy Slice is a heavy cutting compound great for the elimination of major marring like Joe encountered on this Ferrari 360. Getting rid of deep scratches and the helpful removing of paint mists or sanding traces of up to 1,200 grain. With its abrasive grain, Heavy Minimize 9.01 achieves an particularly significant degree of lower with an great gloss stage and can be polished for extended periods without the need of sticking. Ideal for all forms of paint (the two delicate and scratch-evidence).

  • Tremendous-concentrated, all-in-just one motor vehicle shampoo
  • Excellent cleaning electric power
  • Advanced small suds, very lubricating system
  • Lifts & captures filth particles from paintwork safely
  • Small swirl danger, minimising abrasion possibility in wash stage
  • Extraordinary dust repellency
  • Delivers a hydrophobic coating
  • Up to 3 months toughness
  • Suited for use on gloss, matt or satin finishes

Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt £12.25

Acquiring the appropriate wash mitt is necessary for preserving the integrity of your vehicle’s clear coat. The Gtechniq WM2 Microfibre Clean Mitt functions a thick pile that gently lifts filth and grime away from the floor of the motor vehicle, encapsulating it inside of the fibres. This allows avoid accidental scratching and swirl marks often incurred all through the weekly wash. The tender foam inner core soaks up massive volumes of h2o to be certain the surface area is always nicely lubricated, aiding the mitt glide throughout the paintwork.

  • Delicate, microfibre wash mitt with foam main
  • 100% break up diverse duration polyester strands optimum for contaminant launch
  • Thick foam core soaks up suds for most clean likely
  • Allows reduce swirls & scratches getting incurred throughout the clean procedure
  • Machine washable

Gtechniq GWash v2 From £8.05

Re-formulated for 2022, GWash v2 from Gtechniq now comes with an extra surfactant and wetting brokers, further more maximizing this large-foaming shampoo which breaks the bond concerning highway grime and grime on your automobiles paintwork. The new v2 method will enable to take away even extra grime than the authentic GWash, lubricating the grime particles to guarantee contamination is taken out in the safest probable way. GWash v2 remains particularly formulated to get the job done in harmony with Gtechniq’s vary of large-excellent coatings which include C1, C2 and EXO, ensuring maximum gloss retention is usually sent.

  • Significant-quality automobile detailing shampoo
  • Substantial-foaming and lubricating overall performance
  • pH neutral product or service
  • Pleasurable, cherry fragrance
  • Lubricates dust and contamination, building for a safer clean
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made to perform in harmony with Gtechniq C1, C2 & EXO

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