Dealers miss out on vehicle health check business


Dealers are not optimising EVHC opportunities post pandemic.

This is according to REALtime Communications Commercial Director Alistair Jeff, who said: “I’m sure that many business leaders will be concerned that the average conversion of urgent red work identified through a detailed EVHC has fallen to 52.1% from the three year highpoint that arose in the immediate aftermath of the first lockdown. More worryingly, average amber work conversion has dropped to just 10.8% from its high point of 14.3%, also achieved in March 2020.

“While accepting that March 2020 was a unique moment socially, it shone a light on what is possible.”

While REALtime Communications insight work provides a benchmark for the overall position, there are some stand out performers who deliver significantly better results. Behind these are strong Quality Assurance (QA) processes in the showroom and in follow up.

Jeff added: “Just from a duty of care perspective, knowing that almost half of all vehicles with an urgent repair requirement leave a dealer without it being rectified feels wrong. I say this as a business steeped in hands-on aftersales experience.

“To provide an idea of the value to dealers, of what, in essence, was good service to meet customer needs, in March 2020, invoice values averaged £176.53; in February this year, it had fallen to £98.90. The scale of the opportunity is crystal clear.”


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