Get to Know the Types of the Tow Cars and Their Functions

What Are The Different Types Of Tow Trucks? | AutoGuru

Car towing may be the familiar sound around you. But do you know the type of tow truck? Well, here’s the explanation. A tow truck is a type of heavy vehicle that functions to tow a vehicle that has a problem so that it cannot run anymore, such as having a traffic accident or serious engine failure.
The shape of the tow truck itself has a car head that is shaped like a truck with the back of a tool and space to transport or tow the car. Usually, a tow truck can only carry one car at a time. There are various types of tow trucks. Here are among them.
Hook and pull
This type of car has a chain that is used to tow the vehicle, usually, the car being towed will be driven by a driver. You can call Waukesha Towing Services for the best towing service when you need them.
The front wheel is lifted
This type of tow truck by lifting the front or rear wheels of the car is usually done to tow vehicles that are parked carelessly. This is done because the towed car is in an active parking brake condition, so the part that carries out the braking process will be lifted and the car runs on one pedestal. This type of car is usually used by the Transportation Agency to “scratch” a car parked against the rules and carelessly.
The Carrying Tow
A carrying crane is a method of towing a car by transporting it over the rear. This type of crane is usually used to deliver new cars from dealerships to customers as well as to transport luxury cars to workshops due to damage. The car transported by the carrying crane was so badly damaged that the car was completely unable to run.
Hydraulic Cranes
The hydraulic crane has a shape almost the same as the carry crane, the difference is the method or means when transporting the car. The tailgate of the crane will be lowered to the lowest point and then the car will be lifted directly above the truck. The crane will lift the car with hydraulic technology embedded in it.
This type of crane is usually used to transport flatcars or cars with low ground clearance so that the bottom of the car will not rub against the surface of the truck. The rates of this type of crane are more expensive than other types of cranes, because of the technology they have.
The last type of crane that you can come across is the boom crane. This type of crane has a crane on the back of the car to lift a car that has fallen into a ravine or trench or to reverse an overturned vehicle to its original position.
For crane services on toll roads, there is no charge because this has become one of the facilities provided by the road manager. But only to crane to the nearest repair shop if your car is having trouble.
In addition, if your car is insured, usually the insurance company has provided tow facilities or commonly known as emergency road assistance. But before you use the service, know the conditions that are happening to your car so that the type of tow truck that comes to help match the assistance needs of the car at that time.