Here’s how much faster the 992 Turbo S is than every other 911 Turbo


Ranging from 300 to 650 horsepower, the 911 Turbo lineup has been in production for decades, and has progressed through the years into a proper everyday hypercar. Each subsequent generation has introduced more technology and more power in the pursuit of ultimate speed. Thankfully for us Porsche enthusiasts, the right-hand-drive enthusiasts over at CarWow managed to put together a seven-way drag race between each of the generations of 911 to give us all an idea of just how much faster these have gotten over the years.

In this race things go about exactly as you might assume they would. In the back is a slightly modified 930, and a 964, both early aircooled models with manual gearboxes powering just the rear wheels. Traction and shifting mean those cars are ultimately the slowest, with the 964 being just a bit quicker of the two. The 993 and the 996 are surprisingly closely matched for how different they are. The 993 is the first of the Turbo cars to get all-wheel drive, which helps launching off the line, but loses out on the manual transmission shifts to the full-throttle Tiptronic in the 996. The 997 and the 991 also managed to be surprisingly close, but the 991 obviously managed to tip the scales a bit. And the brand new 992 just walked away from everybody with the power advantage and the trick traction management, inch-perfect PDK, and ultimate grip.

Now, just for comparison sake, I’d love to see a drag race of all the non-911 Porsche Turbo models. 924, 944, 968, Cayenne, Panamera, Macan, and Taycan! It’s pretty easy to tell which of these would win, though. Imagine the time difference between the 924 Turbo and the Taycan Turbo S. Just imagine it.


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