How Smart PPE Makes Safer More Efficient Construction Sites

“Safety should always be the main priority.” It doesn’t matter which industry we are talking about; it’s essential for employers to ensure the safety of their clients. This holds true, especially in the construction industry where workers are always at risk of getting injured or involved in an accident.

Based on the International Labor Organization, 151 workers get involved in a crash every 15 seconds! Likewise, every year, the number of non-fatal work-related accidents reaches 317 million. Fortunately, with the recent advancements in technology, especially with PPE, construction sites were able to enjoy optimum safety, which seemed to be impossible back in the days.

The Ability to Detect Accidents Right Away

To support that, experts have been working and trying to perfect a new kind of safety management system that can be very useful, especially on the construction site. It’s used in a way where data are gathered from different wearables, as well as environmental sensors.

During an accident, or when there’s an unusual activity that’s happening on the job site, the officers are warned according to the gathered information. The focus of this is to effectively monitor each worker and cut down the number of accidents, as well as fatalities.

Monitoring the Health of the Workers

PPE wearables, such as smart goggles, safety vests, hard hats, and the like can be used as a real-time warning system within the construction site. It’s capable of analyzing a huge number of information gathered from wearable sensors that are embedded in the PPE equipment, and in the worker’s mobile devices.

These sensors could detect the worker’s pulse rate, body temperature, movement, hydration level, and best of all, other environmental causes, such as the noise level and the like. Through this, those who are in charge would be able to quickly identify and report the potential risk and anomaly to the manager or those who are involved.

It can report specific dangers happening in the workplace and transmit an injury alert simultaneously. It has become possible to prevent accidents right before they even happen. For instance, the system could give a real-time alert when the worker is on the job but failed to wear the proper gear, such as goggles, ear protection, or helmet.

It is not limited to that. It could also show a warning when the worker is near a hazardous location, or go to handle a dangerous machinery. The sensors would be able to alert the worker to leave if the area is terrible for one’s health, such as a place where toxic chemicals are located, loud noise, and the like.

The platform can also monitor and detect dangerous situations that call for immediate attention, such as when a worker faints or accidentally falls from the building. This would be reported to the first responders, and to those who should be handling such issue.

Analyzation of Personal Data

The information gathered by the sensors are communicated directly to the smartphones of the workers. Through this, the valuable information can be processed and analyzed right away. Likewise, some of these data can also be stored in the cloud if further analysis is needed.

This includes going through the safety regulations, procedures, and trying to customize them depending on the is necessary for employees. Basically, through the help of construction technology, it’s possible to adopt solutions according to company needs as unique algorithms can be developed from it.

Transmission of Information Has Never Been Easier

Smart PPE made it possible to transmit video, audio, and other essential data to the central workstation in just a matter of seconds– it doesn’t matter where the primary workstation is located, rest assured that it would be able to receive the necessary information needed for the job. This offers remarkable benefits. Especially for those who are in hard to reach places, or during accidents.

The Future Of Construction Looks Bright With Emerging Tech

We can’t deny that even non-fatal injuries can be very stressful and devastating not only for those who are suffering it, but also for the employers, and the whole construction team. It would affect the efficiency of the construction project. Fortunately, all of these can be prevented with smart PPE. Technology made it possible for high visibility vests, hard hats, goggles, and the like to have other purposes aside from protecting the users physically.

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