Impact of US Presidential Election on Tesla Stock


Us presidential election is on the way to come but before it’s coming, there is a great buzz about the effect of the new US president on the TSLA stock market. Let’s talk more about it in more detail.

With every passing day, the dates of the Presidential Election in the US are coming closer and closer. In the US the presidential election is conducted in November only. This year when a pandemic of coronavirus shook the whole world, we hoped that the election would be cancelled for this year but now it’s very clear that the Election will be there.

In this Election, there are mainly two candidates among whom the fight for the presidency would take place. The first one is the current US President Donald Trump and the second candidate is former Vice President Joe Bidden. In the stock market of Tesla, there may come a good change if Bidden wins the election. It is expected by the shareholders and the stock market experts.

Tesla is a car manufacturing company. Now you must be thinking about how the stock market of a car manufacturing company may get affected by this all. Actually, since the past few years, Tesla also started manufacturing and selling electric cars. Electric cars are the future of our generation.

At present, the world is facing the problems of polluted air which mainly comes from cars and other vehicles which run on petrol and diesel. Replacement of traditional cars and vehicles with electric cars and vehicles may have a good impact on the environment.

We all know that Bidden is a person who thinks more about nature and the hazardous consequences of consuming non-renewable energy sources. He also has some plans for the betterment and saving energy and protecting nature at the same time.

If he gets elected chances are more that he will too make a plan for making the electric cars of Tesla even easier and that is too on a large scale. With his, these like steps will help the Tesla stock market also.

On other hand, if Trump wins, the situation may not be like this. During the presidency of Trump, the whole world has witnessed some of the very strange decisions of Trump which harmed nature a lot. Therefore if Bidden wins, it’s pretty normal that the Tesla shareholders would be very happy.

These are just the simple expectations the people have for the upcoming US election. Let’s see what actually happens when the election gets over and the new President of the US is chosen. You can check more from