Motor Trader March issue online now

Motor Trader March issue is online now. Click here to read. 

This month we look in depth at the agency model and try and assess the implications for dealers of all sizes, customers, carmakers and intermediaries. It is early days yet, but we chart what different carmakers are doing and also some plans in the pipeline and try to gain some insight into how profitability will be impacted and whether the agency model will stifle the innovation for which dealers are rightly renowned. This month we also take a look at disruptors who are building brand share and pumping a lot of money into raising their profile, investing in infrastructure and moving at pace to build up scale. They have certainly had a significant impact on the market but what of the future? Steve Young of ICDP gives his take on P20.

Dealer Insight (P26) looks at Macklin Motors, which recently achieved a first for the Hyundai brand in the UK. In February, Macklin Motors Edinburgh East became the only UK dealership to receive an award from Hyundai, recognising its commitment to excellent customer service.

Last month we launched the first of a series of features looking at Electric Vehicles (EVs). Sales are rising, and dealers and carmakers are responding to the challenges presented, in terms of charging, infrastructure, values, battery replacement, sales and aftersales (P35). This month we look at infrastructure and charging. Motor Trader has also launched an EV channel on the website and a weekly EV e-newsletter. In October we will hold the first EV summit.

Also, this month we start a series of features looking at EVs in the used car market and check out the fastest selling EVs and the slowest models too (P38). Some take three months to sell, others shift in a fortnight. We also take a look at the level of interest in used CVs and which models attract the most interest. EVs only accounted for 3% of transactions in the used car market in 2021 but this will change over time and dealers are responding accordingly.

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