Need car repairs? Raleigh mechanic says waiting for parts may take time; 1 customer has 4-month wait


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — If you need your car repaired, you may be waiting longer than expected.

Mechanics say getting the parts they need isn’t easy, and that could mean higher costs and longer waits.

At Carworx in Raleigh, Henry Tilton works to get customers back on the road quickly, but lately, he says that can be difficult because it’s hard to find some vehicle parts.

Supply chain issues are playing a role. He says he’s also seeing problems with lower-quality parts and parts that don’t fit vehicles correctly.

“Pulling parts out of the boxes, we have no idea whether they’re going to work or not,” he said.

In order to get your car going again, he says there’s a good chance, “You’re going to pay more; you’re going to wait a lot longer.”

“We’ve got one situation where we’ve been four months,” he said, noting, that’s unusual, but he says waiting a couple of weeks isn’t as rare, and he asks customers for patience.

“Give us a little bit of time. let us try to do a little searching around. We will find it — it’s out there somewhere,” Tilton said, adding, “I will start calling parts department in California to find it to bring in this direction. Sometimes there’s extra fees for shipping, and what-have-you, but it gets the customer back on the road.”

Tilton says it’s often easier to find parts for older cars than for newer ones.

If, despite every effort, a part simply can’t be found, he’ll ask customers if he can try a used one.

“We’ll go to (a) salvage yard and pull a used part out and tell you that,” he explained. “Bolt it in there and hope like heck it works. Most of the time it does.”


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