Pete Alonso’s wife tells harrowing details of husband’s near-death experience from car crash

Last Sunday seemed like a normal day for New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso. But it turned out to be anything but.

While on his way to spring training, his truck was hit by a speeding vehicle, causing it to flip three times. Alonso’s wife was driving behind in a separate car and closely witnessed the harrowing accident. The Mets right-hander said he thought he was going to die.

His wife, Haley Alonso, took to Instagram to share more details of the terrifying incident.

“I slammed on my breaks, jumped out of my car, and ran up to his truck. I was terrified of what I was going to see. I couldn’t see inside of the truck because the windshield was shattered. I screamed for him just hoping that he’d be able to answer me.”

Despite the ugly wreck, the 27-year-old Alonso, who joined the Mets in 2019, eventually moved and slowly got out of his truck. His wife could only chalk it up to divinity.

“He said he was OK and was going to kick out the windshield to escape since he was trapped. He got himself out and to everyone’s shock, only had a single scratch on his arm. It’s a miracle that he’s safe after this horrifying accident. I thought I watched my husband die in front of me and I will never forget that feeling.”

Alonso is coming off an impressive campaign for the Mets. Last September, he hit his 100th home run, doing it in just 347 games to become the second-fastest player in MLB history to reach the feat behind the 325 games of Ryan Howard.

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