McLaren to keep aero upgrades on car after practice trial

, aimed in part at improving performance in slower speed corners.

Hot track temperatures and gusty winds made it hard to gather accurate data on the new parts. However, Seidl said the overall verdict was that they made a difference. Sainz was sixth in FP2, although he was flattered by the red flag that spoiled the soft tyre runs of some rivals.

“We had a testing programme that we wanted to get through, so big thanks really also to the entire team for pushing very, very hard back home in the last weeks and month to deliver these upgrades,” he

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Why car brands soon won’t matter any more

Rover car badge
Rover car badge

We, as a nation, are wedded to our car brands. Even those people who think they don’t care that much about cars, those who claim that their wheels are just an A-to-B device, at some level are invested in the brands that they choose.

I remember well, chatting to one celebrity radio presenter, who swore blind that he had no interest in cars, nor what his choice of car said about him or his personality. However, when asked what car he drove, the response was: “A VW Golf. I’ve always had Golfs…”

In 10 years’ time, though,

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Car malfunction sparked massive Apple fire, which swells to 26,000 acres

A massive vegetation fire that was sparked Friday afternoon by a malfunctioning vehicle has now charred more than 26,000 acres in the Inland Empire, officials said Monday.

The Apple fire was ignited by “a diesel-fueled vehicle emitting burning carbon from the exhaust system,” according to a statement from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and the Riverside County Fire Department.

Crews battling the blaze, which is burning north of Cherry Valley in Riverside County, have had to contend with challenging weather conditions, with warm temperatures and strengthening afternoon winds expected.

The fire has burned 26,450 acres and was

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