This Car’s Provenance Is Even Stranger Than Its Looks Logo


Thanks to a video posted by Edd China on YouTube we get a glimpse at one of the strangest custom cars ever built. This unique build was commissioned by a robotic lawn mower company called Friendly Robotics to create a drivable 3 to 1 replica of one of their robotic lawnmowers. The resulting build was a striking custom vehicle that was sure to draw interest from onlookers and help advertise the use of robotic lawnmowers.

Friendly Robotics wanted to drum up some interest in their robotic lawn mower offerings. They took a page right from the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile book and decided to reach out to the team at Cummfy Banana to build a drivable robotic lawn mowermobile. This unique build was recently discovered by the enthusiasts of Reddit R/WeirdWheels where they discovered Edd China’s YouTube video from 2011.

According to Edd China’s YouTube video description, this drivable robot lawnmower features three abreast seating like a McLaren F1 and Gordon Murray new T.50 Hypercar, a Land Rover derived V8, and VW Type 2 4-speed transmission. To achieve the look of a robotic lawn mower a customer tubular chassis was used along with customer fiberglass body panels. The video description explains that the $4,500 custom front windscreen was destroyed because a truck carrying gravel tipped over spilling its destructive load right in front of the robot lawnmower car.

The chassis was eventually transformed into Edd China’s record-breaking Chasie Lounge also known as the world’s fastest couch according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Today Friendly Robotics is now called Robomow and they still sell the latest robotic lawnmowers to customers looking to automate the lawn mowing process. Starting in 1995 Robomow has continued to push the boundaries of robotic lawn mower technology since debuting the first consumer-grade robotic lawn mower in 1998. This innovative machine sold 4,000 units between 1998 and 2001. Today this innovative company continues to push the boundaries of robotic lawnmowers even without its large-scale robotic lawn mower promo car.


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