Tips to find the cheapest shipping cost for car

12 Tips for Cheap Car Shipping

Many people and businesses often need to ship vehicles because of relocating or another similar reason. Shipping a car seems to be a straightforward process, but it is fairly complicated. There are numerous small details related to it that could make a huge difference, not to mention the cost fluctuations. Therefore, you should be careful before appointing someone to move your precious automobile. You will have to check more than a few things before deciding what is the cheapest shipping a car cost:

Choose an open car carrier instead of enclosed car transport

Transportation service for cars can offer you few options when it comes to your delivery method. And one of these options will be whether or not to use open or enclosed transport. There is a reason why less than 10% of all cars are transported in an enclosed trailer. This is an expensive option that is worth it only if the car is valuable. Exotic vehicles and vintage models need extra care and the maximum safety features available. Open auto transport is less expensive, making it the preferred means of transport. Enclosed transport will definitely be more expensive and is really intended for antique or luxury cars. But if you want to save your money, you should choose an open auto transport.

Do research from various sources

It is necessary to do some research to get the name of various transporters of automobiles from your friends, social sites, internet, or any other sources that you can think of. More you talk to people you can gather information that may be useful for you.

Season can also impact the cost to ship cars

Time of the year can impact many things and, of course, the cost of shipping a car. Summer is still the most popular season for shipping vehicles. Therefore the auto shipping prices may be much higher during this time. 

Get an auto shipping quote from multiple sources

Now try to get written quotations from multiple sources, so that you can know their terms and conditions of each car transporting service and you can not only compare the price but also their terms as well. 

Insurance and accident cover

It’s absolutely crucial your car has insurance before it starts its journey. But think carefully about the type of insurance you need to avoid paying a premium. It pays to check any insurance policies provided by your credit card company or health insurance that may save you a few bucks. Your cars shipping service may also have an insurance policy that offers a fair deal. 


Distance is a major factor that can impact the cost car shipping. It’s simple. The farther you transport your vehicle, the higher the higher the cost will be. It happens because of the fuel consumption. Therefore, the more miles, the more you will pay. Also, widely travelled routes are less expensive than unpopular routes. 

Choose wisely and get a few quotes

First, make sure you get more than a couple of quotes. Contacting a few companies is the best way to save some money and time, as you will see the differences in their offers and rates. Never choose the one carrier that tends to low-ball the rest as it could turn out to be a bad decision. Suspiciously very low costs are usually the first sign of a scam. Don’t forget to check the feedback on the shipping car service you choose to appoint. A good reputation in this business is everything. Even if you contact a carrier directly, make sure they are not a broker as well: many trucking companies operate as brokers. You should know who will handle your automobile until it reaches the delivery location.

Always select terminal-to-terminal service to save money

You should understand that door-to-door service is certainly the most convenient way to transport your car, but this option is not cheap. If you choose a terminal-to-terminal service, you can save a lot of money. When you choose this method of shipment, you just need to drop off and pick up your car at the closest storage terminal. Perhaps, this is not a very convenient way to transport vehicles but you can save a lot of money on your shipment.