Toyota GR Supra Manual Debuts Leaner and Meaner


A few days ago we brought you the announcement by Toyota that a manual-equipped GR Supra was in the works. We were even the first SA motoring outlet to bring you the local introduction date, which you can read in our original article. Well, today Toyota unveiled the Toyota GR Supra manual. 

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A raft of changes

The Toyota GR Supra manual boasts a number of upgrades that are not related to the transmission. A six-speed manual and a third pedal in the foot well will be the highlights for many driving enthusiasts. Fear not if you aren’t a master of the heel-toe, the TCU offers automatic throttle blipping when shifting.

In addition there are a number of smaller, less obvious, but interesting technical upgrades that are sure to make it a sharper driving tool. An improved steering action will be the most obvious to drivers. This will be even more noticeable thanks to modified anti-roll bar mountings.

Mass reduction

Other changes under the skin include newly designed 19-inch forged wheels. The design of these new alloys are similar to those of the GR Yaris and GR86. Incidentally, the alloys are 1,2 kg lighter per corner, which helps to reduce unsprung mass. In fact, other mass-reduction measures have resulted in a total loss of almost 40 kg.

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There is no word if Toyota has increased the power rating of the inline six. The turbocharged BMW-sourced unit currently produces 250 kW/500 N.m, however some markets do offer a 285 kW version. Though we are just glad that the Japanese automaker has heeded the call of fans to introduce a GR Supra manual into its line-up. We can’t wait to get our hands on this version when it lands in SA later this year.


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