What’s different about the Nissan Juke’s hybrid motor?


Nissan has finally electrified its Juke – from the stop of July, a hybrid model of the productive smaller SUV will be on British isles roads. “So it will be just like any hybrid?” 1 of our fellow motoring writers questioned at the launch, and the remedy is not at all…

The petrol-electrical powertrain equipped in the Nissan Juke is really diverse to individuals you might discover in other models this sort of as the normal-bearer of hybrid driving, the Toyota Prius. Instead the Nissan uses know-how 1st viewed in sister manufacturer Renault’s Captur and dubbed E-Tech, which both brand names insist is fairly a lot more economical.

Either, or both…

Hybrids are ordinarily just one of two styles. In a parallel hybrid (which is most hybrid automobiles on British isles roadways), each the electrical motor and the engine can drive the wheels, normally doing the job with each other. In a sequence hybrid, the wheels only obtain their propulsion from the electric motor, with the petrol motor basically remaining there to generate the electrical power to ability the motor. The Nissan Juke device, even so, can work in series, parallel or both…

We are explained to the program was developed making use of know-how formulated by Renault’s Formula One crew and for the to start with time is based mostly all over an inside combustion engine precisely made with hybrid in mind. It’s a a lot more compact model of a Nissan 1.6-litre device, blended with a 36kW electric powered motor also designed by Nissan, whilst Renault’s contribution is the 15kW significant voltage starter/generator, the inverter and the 1.2kWh drinking water-cooled battery, which is housed under the boot floor.

All this provides up to rather extra potency – 25% up on a regular petrol-powered Juke. We never have confirmed fuel overall economy figures nonetheless, but Nissan reckons that the Juke should really return blended gas consumption improved by up to 20% – 40% if operating all around town.

Two motors better than a single

In which the Juke receives notably clever in contrast to a standard hybrid is that it has a next, lesser, electrical motor in its gearbox, a further Renault product. This gearbox has no typical synchroniser rings, but dog clutches in its place, and no good clutch as in a regular auto. But these are the components that enable rather additional performance.

There are four ‘internal combustion’ (ICE) gears and two ‘electric vehicle’ (EV) gears, and the latter are powered by that next electric motor, sending their propulsion by way of a distinctive path to the wheels than do the ICE gears – the Juke generally begins using electrical power only, and the EV gears are made use of to synchronise the ICE kinds.

Clever electronics – the bit supposedly descended from System A single – control the change details, regeneration of the battery and which structure of hybrid energy will provide the best effectiveness for what the driver is demanding through their right foot. And the enter involving motor, motor or each is so seamless that the driver merely does not notice the modifications.

Confused still? Perfectly you do not need to comprehend the tech, just appreciate what it produces. According to Colin Goldsmith, from the Nissan British isles complex office, staying behind the wheel of the Juke is significantly nearer to driving an electric car or truck than are additional common hybr
ids. “It’s a substantially much more related sense. With a regular hybrid you sense like you are driving an ICE motor vehicle with the hybrid coming in quick bursts, with the Juke you get that EV sense all the way by.”

Goldsmith adds that the car constantly commences in electrical mode “There is then a changeover when the technique determines that the ICE engine should really be a part of in, to give you extra electric power or far more travel, even though it will also ascertain if the battery demand is dropping and direct some charge to the battery.

“All this is carried out by the system and you won’t truly feel the slicing-in of the engine like you do with a standard hybrid. Correctly it feels like you are driving a standard computerized car – you set your foot down and it drives.”

Extended electric

A vital portion of building the Juke Hybrid was maximising the time the auto spends in EV mode, and the designers declare to have accomplished up to 80% of an about-town push powered by electric power. Your mileage may differ, but the enterprise is self-assured that this new hybrid program will supply considerably additional electric powered (and considerably less petrol) use in city driving.

It can achieve speeds up to 34mph in EV mode, and you can push a button to only travel on electric powered, though you won’t go incredibly significantly, a mile or two, prior to the engine desires to reduce in and replenish the battery. “You can pressure the EV method, possibly to travel by way of a city centre or a multi-storey automobile park, but it won’t go so far as to drain the battery,” Goldsmith states.

Also serving to to hold the battery topped up is an ‘e-pedal’, previously seen on the totally-electric powered Nissan Leaf hatchback. Even though, like most EVs, when the automobile slows the electrical motor acts as a generator and returns some demand to the battery, utilizing the e-pedal maximises this impact. As before long as one lifts off the accelerator moderate braking is applied, and provided plenty of area the vehicle will sluggish to a halt – it is really quick to generate the Juke as a one particular-pedal automobile, barely at any time needing to use the brake pedal.

The figures? Mixed the hybrid electricity unit provides 143hp, in contrast to 114 for the petrol-powered Juke. This implies it completes a -62mph sprint in 10.1 seconds, 1.7 seconds a lot quicker than the ICE Juke.

However even though the latter with an car transmission returns gas economic system of about 45mpg and creates CO2 emissions of about 137g/km, Nissan expects fuel economy of far more than 55mpg and emissions down to around 114g/km from the hybrid. We’re even now awaiting the official figures but it’s very clear the petrol-electrical Juke is the greener and far more economic choice.

“The engine has been optimised to the hybrid procedure,” Goldsmith says, “developed to have a lower gasoline consumption, with lighter bodyweight since the hybrid is a lot more compact. You’ll see considerably better performance and gasoline use in comparison to a standard ICE motor, and in comparison to a traditional hybrid you will see advancements but the stage will depend on driving problems and design.”

So does Goldsmith see this as the long run of hybrid? “It’s a single – there are a variety of means of electrifying automobiles and we have the Nissan e-Energy program in the Qashqai as perfectly as the exceptional electrical process in the Leaf. But the new hybrid is a quite very good alternative and a definite stage ahead.”

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