You really need this old Porsche-liveried bus to haul your vintage racers


This vintage 1963 Gillig Model 590 bus would be a piece of history on its own, but built as a modern tribute to the original Brumos hauler “Buster” it is an incredibly cool piece of Porsche ephemera that the biggest and best collections will never be complete without. The bus was purchased by the seller back in 2016, and treated to a full restoration and transformation into the hauling machine it is today. The 7-liter Detroit Diesel 6-71 engine was refurbished, and paired to a stout Allison automatic transmission, giving the machine more than enough power to keep up with modern highway speeds. At the same time it was updated with modern Cummins diesel generators, a camera system to help with maneuvering the giant beast, and modern air conditioning. I think my favorite part of the conversion is the gorgeous interior that has been outfitted with black walnut flooring and aluminum haul ramps. It manages to look the real deal, but has all of the modern amenities you’d expect from a high-end racing coach.

If you’re out there running in SVRA or VSCCA or HSR with an old Porsche, this is the bus you absolutely need to have to haul your racer to the track. You could drive this machine in comfort all day to get to the track, then unload when you get there and race your Porsche around all weekend. Does it get any better than that? This would be the perfect hauler for something like an old 904 or 906, as it would be aesthetically era appropriate. This was Porsche’s motorsport look for the haulers and team jackets in that era of the mid-1960s. The red and grey with stripes and the stark yellow Porsche badge are iconic looks from that time period, and this bus is your chance to be a giant rolling billboard to your love for the brand’s racing machines.

You can find this bus on Bring A Trailer right now. The bidding, as of this writing, is up to $125,000. The bus previously sold on BAT at $340,000, but the winning bidder failed to follow through with the sale and has since been shunned by the community. If you missed it back then, like we did, here’s a second chance.


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